Save the date. If you can remember to.

Like most of us, I embrace some of the newer technologies but fight tooth and nail not to embrace others. It's a tough road to pick which ones to follow that will always be there. I don't like having to keep up. It wastes too much of limited brain space. Apparently.

I have kept all of my day timer's or desk calendars throughout my career. The years don't matter so much. I just thought I'd photograph the front cover with maybe a little souvenir of that year in the shot. It was hard finding everything I'd like to put in the shots. I don't have a type gauge anymore, or a piece of Rubylith and so many other things we depended on every day back then. I got the set up all arranged and lighting I thought would work well enough and shot the earliest year. The shots look good. I can use them.

Then I started reading through that first year. Then each one after I'd shoot it. OK sometimes before I'd shoot it but so many people and so many places.